Atlanta Woman On The Hunt For Family After Buying A Projector Filled With Their Glamorous Vintage Photos

You never know what you might find on a trip to Goodwill. Kristie Baeumert, a mother of five who unexpectedly came across beautiful vintage photos in a camera she bought at a Goodwill in Tyrone, Georgia, has been smitten with the slices of life captured in the slides.

Ms. Baeumert told AJC:

I’m just falling in love with this sweet family. I’m fascinated. I want to know more.

The camera, an Argus 300 Model III, caught the Fairburn woman’s eye while she was shopping. She thought it would be perfect to view some slides she’d inherited from her own grandmother, but was instead surprised by the unknown family’s story, which she shared with friends.

Clues as to who this family could be are sparse.  Beaumert is making a concerted effort, though, to reach out through social media and connect to someone, somewhere, regarding the photos.  “If this was my family, I would want these.”

“They just look so happy,” she said. “They wanted to take pictures together all the time. I feel like I know the family now.”

The internet has fallen in love with this family’s story.

Baeumert continues her search via online publications and social media. Will the family be reunited with their history?

H/T: AJC, Twitter