Guy Falls Asleep On Roadtrip, Girlfriend Trolls Him By Asking Internet To Photoshop His Pic

Eria was on a road-trip with her boyfriend, Scott, and three friends when Scott fell asleep while she was driving. Despite the laughter and vibrant conversation surrounding him, nothing could wake Scott. 

So Eria did what any good girlfriend would do. She took a picture of him sleeping and posted it to social media. 

But the most brilliant part of Eria’s scheme was that she didn’t post the photo to just any social media. She posted in a Facebook group called “I’m telling God” which specializes in creating memes.

She then asked members to show Scott everything he was missing on the trip with the hashtag #SleepyScott.

Eria was then nice enough to share the results with the world.

Check out a few of the creations.

And it seems Scott missed a few important meetings with world leaders.

And yes, Scott even got Rickrolled. 

Never gonna give you up, Scott.

Moral of the story? 

Don’t fall asleep during a road-trip while your girlfriend is driving.

H/T: Bored Panda