This Guy Built A Legit Throne Out Of Pizza Boxes, And Now We’re Hungry

Life requires some basic necessities: food, water, clothing, and shelter. What if I told you that a 20-year-old French student elevated the “food” and “shelter” categories with everyone’s favorite food, pizza? 

Louis is a student in Grenoble, France and works at a pizzeria. After a year of saving the boxes from his personal pizza consumption, Louis had enough boxes to build his very own thrown. 

“After almost a year of savings of cartons of pizzas eaten and work in a pizzeria I finally could fulfill my dream. A functional chair in cardboard pizza.”

In fact, the chair can hold two. Louis tested out the chair with a friend and reported that it was very comfortable. Could a loveseat be next?

“One holds two in I tested with Dorine it is very comfortable!”

Louis knows that he’s not the first to create a pizza box chair, but his design is his very own. Despite the fact that he didn’t pioneer the pizza throne industry, Twitter is acknowledging his brilliance and many feel like he is an inspiration.

“Extreme carpentry: This guy built a chair with pizza”

“A beautiful dream, and a superb achievement, when production ??”

“C the best thing in the world you’ve inspired me I’ll do the same.”

I’m looking forward to Louis’ next pizza box creation. And hey, if he needs help clearing out the pizza from those boxes, I’m free!

H/T: Buzzfeed, Twitter