Florida Man Wanted To ‘Kill All The Jews’ With Unsettling Plan To Set Apartment Building Ablaze

Walter Stolper, 72, is facing charges of attempted murder and attempted arson after police found him hoarding containers of gasoline, planning to set an entire apartment complex ablaze in Miami Beach.

Reportedly, he told residents that he was going to “kill all Jews.”

Police found him walking around the apartment complex pushing a shopping cart that held two containers of gasoline. Locals reported that they could smell gasoline from inside, and once officers further investigated, they found an additional eight containers that had been emptied and dropped down a trash chute. 

They also found his storage room, which held another 28 containers, filled with gasoline, sulfur, and potassium nitrate.

Police found two fans, intended to create as much damage as quickly as possible, according to witnesses. Stolper had padlocks he planned to secure to fire hoses, making them useless to firefighters, as well as multiple books on Nazis, and swastikas inscribed on various objects in his apartment.

Police conducted a thorough inspection of the building before declaring it safe, without having residents evacuate the complex. 

Officers said in a statement:

We remain confident the work of our detectives averted a tragedy.

Twitter users were shook — and thankful police caught Stolper in time:

Donald Trump was elected in November 2016. Since then, more white men have murdered Americans in attacks and mass shootings than Muslims, or anyone in connection to Islam. Despite that, Muslims continue to be labeled terrorists while these dangerous white men are not.

People believe Stolper should be declared a terrorist and charged with a hate crime:

Considering his blatant anti-Semitism and plot to burn down a building, many people are questioning his low bond.

Stolper’s bond is just $7,500, which some people believe is inadequate:

Authorities have not released many details about Stolper’s motive. Witnesses reported he was distressed about being evicted from the apartment building and had threatened to set it on fire with “all the [expletive] Jews.”

The Miami Beach Police, the FBI, and the State Attorney’s Office will jointly investigate the incident.

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