Man’s Cringe-Worthy Confusion About A Bidet Sprayer Has The Internet LOLing

Leave your comfort zone once in a while and you just might learn a few things, like how awesome different kinds of cleanliness can be. The Bachelorette‘s Dean Unglert gets to do a lot of traveling and experience the best the world has to offer and, when he does, he often shares his photos. And when he shares his photos, he shares his thoughts about the photos in the form of captions. 

A recent example of this phenomenon caught the attention of about half the world:

So…that’s a bidet. A somewhat old-school handheld bidet, but a bidet nonetheless, found in darn near every bathroom in Asia and the Middle East. They cut down on a whole lot of toilet paper use over there and live tidier lives and they have Twitter

A lot of folks came out to educate our dear Bachelor or just giggle at him.

We don’t know if he was being sarcastic or not. Considering what we know him from, it’s easy to assume…not. 

We got a global tour of the many different iterations of bidets.

The most adorable part of this whole thing? A bidet company popped in to educate Twitter.

Everybody else, though…

Here’s to the horizon and the adventures it brings.

H/T: Twitter