Immigrant Mother And 6-Month-Old Baby Reunited Only To Be Left Stranded At Bus Stop By ICE Officials, Lawyers Allege

After a mother and her six-month-old baby were reunited, ICE officials left them stranded at a bus stop until midnight. According to a court filing by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), the government is failing to provide adequate information about family reunifications. 

On Friday, a federal judge ordered that, in keeping with “common sense,” the government should provide details about the time and location of family reunifications 12 hours before they take place. But the Trump administration, via ICE, has failed to provide immigrant rights advocates with appropriate information.

Here’s the scoop via HuffPost on Twitter:

Twitter users were outraged:

According to a Reuters article, a federal judge also ordered the Trump administration to pay reunification costs such as travel expenses.

A lawyer for the government claimed they didn’t have the money for that.

This comment sums up the overall sentiment towards those who allow this to happen to families:

H/T: Insider, Twitter, ACLU