Trump’s Latest Interview Proves He Has No Idea What The UK Actually Is

In an interview with the Daily Mail, President Donald J. Trump, self-proclaimed “stable genius,” may have shown just how much he knows and understands—or doesn’t know and understand—about England and the United Kingdom.

At the end of his visit to the U.K. last week, the President sat down to talk with Piers Morgan about a number of issues, including abortion and his visit with Queen Elizabeth II. At one point, Trump mentioned the “many different names” of England.

Granted, he did get it right that England has several different names, but one that he attributed to the nation shows he may not quite understand the union on that side of the Atlantic. 

“You know you have, you have so many different names — Great Britain,” Trump started. Then things went downhill. “You can say ‘England,’ you can say ‘UK,’ you can say ‘United Kingdom.’” 

Much like how you can’t say “America” is another name for “Florida,” “United Kingdom” cannot be used interchangeably with “England.”

Morgan wasn’t shy about correcting the President, to which Trump replied: 

Right, yeah. You know I know, but a lot of people don’t know that. But you have lots of different names.

To take the name thing a little further, Trump said England was his personal favorite, calling it a “beautiful name.”

This wasn’t the first time somebody from the Trump administration failed to understand what the United Kingdom is. Shortly after his meeting with the Queen, Trump flew to Scotland. The official Twitter account for the White House tweeted — and later deleted — that Trump was departing the United Kingdom. As political scientist Brian Klaas points out, flying from England to Scotland is not “departing the U.K.”

The two nations have been in a union since the 18th century.

During his interview with Morgan, Trump touched on a range of topics, including the status of Roe v. Wade. He said, “That’s a 50/50 question in this country,” but also assured Morgan there was a “very good chance” the landmark case on abortion wouldn’t come up, even after his nominee, Brett Kavanaugh, steps in.

Russia’s relationship with the United States also came up. Trump said, “I think we could probably get along very well. Somebody said are you friends or enemies? I said well it’s too early to say but right now I say we’re competitors.”

Trump’s visit to the United Kingdom was met with protests, including a 20-foot “Trump Baby” balloon that flew over London. Morgan brought up the issue of the protests, to which Trump replied he felt “unwelcome.”

Maybe the protesters accomplished what they set out to do?

If we have to feel good about at least one thing regarding Trump’s visit to the United Kingdom, we can take solace in knowing he now understands the difference between England and the UK. It took a year and a half, but he finally did it.

H/T: Indy 100, USA Today