More Than 80 Dogs Rescued From ‘Heart-Wrenching’ And Filthy Conditions In Alabama Puppy Mill

Eighty-three dogs were rescued from a puppy mill in an Alabama home earlier in the month by Alabama’s Greater Birmingham Humane Society (GBHS) and the city of Trussville police officers.

Authorities were tipped off by a concerned citizen and were shocked at what they described as “heart-wrenching” conditions.

Courtney Underwood, the Director of Marketing and Outreach at GBHS, who rescued the dogs along with her co-workers, counted the operation as a win. In an article in People, she said, 

 I’m no longer going to mourn the life that they have missed, I’m going to be proud to be a part of what’s next. 

This video shows the rescued dogs as well as the deplorable conditions they were in:

According to People, GBHS issued the following statement about the conditions of the mill: 

 Many of the animals, some of which are in the late stages of pregnancy, were crammed two to three in a wire cage. Dogs were together in stacked inadequate, wire-bottom cages and crates caked in excrement and filth. Most of the dogs are suffering from abscessed teeth and gum infections, along with other illnesses.

The stench permeating the grounds was so bad, officers had to cover their mouths and noses. All of the dogs’ fur was so matted with dirt and waste that volunteer groomers had no choice last Tuesday but to shave the dogs in order to treat skin irritations caused by them standing in their own urine and feces for extended periods of time.

Twitter users were so happy for the puppies:

And outraged at the inhumanity:

Although the puppies endured these horrendous living conditions, the story has a happy ending. 

Underwood noted how the lives of the dogs had already dramatically shifted shortly after the rescue:

 I went from seeing them at their lowest point on Monday night to spending the entire day Tuesday working alongside a team of general volunteers and volunteer groomers to bathe and groom every single one of them. I watched as they got to run around in the grass and bask in the sun. They got cuddled and kissed and carried around like infants.

As for the owners of the dogs, because they handed the animals over willingly and agreed to pay a $25 surrender fee per dog, they won’t be charged. 

Twitter had other penalties in mind:

How you can help:

GBHS needs your help (saving 83 puppies is no easy task). Visit their website if you’d like to donate money to offset the costs for medical treatment, time (they need man power as well as financial support), or supplies such as dog food, puppy pads, puppy food and toys. Every little bit counts.

To do your part to ensure puppy mills like this one can’t thrive, support puppy mill legislature in your local area, avoid buying animals from pet stores, and always adopt from reputable breeders whom you’ve thoroughly researched. 

H/T: People, Twitter, GBHS