Former GOP Congressman Joe Walsh Says Sacha Baron Cohen Tricked Him Into Saying ‘Stupid Things’ During His Interview

It’s been a few years since Sacha Baron Cohen emerged with a new outrageous character but, with rumors and footage from his new Showtime series starting to spread, he seems determined to change that. In one of the most pressing political moments of our time, Sacha Baron Cohen is going after the politicians in his new show Who is America?

One of the latest victims is one-term congressman Joe Walsh (R-IL). Walsh recently took to CNN complaining that Cohen had gone into the interview wanting Walsh to say something stupid. Cohen succeeded, convincing Walsh to endorse giving guns to children as young as four years old in a viral first look at Cohen’s new show. Walsh even reads statements like, “In less than a month, a first-grader can become a first grenade-er.”

Walsh took to Twitter to echo the same sentiments he voiced on CNN.

But Twitter users weren’t letting him off that easy.

Walsh wasn’t the only lawmaker who got punk’d. Sarah Palin claims Cohen deceived her as well, in addition to others

The pranks have Twitter cheering.

Who is America? debuted on Sunday but don’t worry. There are plenty more episodes—and shenanigans—to come.

H/T: Raw Story, Vulture