Twitter Isn’t Sure What To Make Of This Sometimes Spanish, Often Sexual Keebler Elves Twitter Account

Ernie Keebler, the Keebler Elf, has developed a particular reputation on Twitter and it’s not what you’d think.

He may look wholesome and sweet (pun intended), but lots of people feel like Ernie is a little… sexual.

Not convinced? Check out some of his Tweets.

Sounds an awful lot like a certain term that mentions indigenous people.

Chocolate smells good, but whoa.

I will say, fantastic Tinder pun.

People have noticed Ernie’s erotic behavior.

That’s not Ernie’s only quirk. Some algorithm is making the Keebler Elf’s Tweets show up on people’s feeds in Spanish.

Is this in fact a marketing strategy for Keebler products? Or is it just another one of those strange things on the Internet we will never understand? 

H/T: Mashable, BuzzFeed