Man’s Tweet About Giraffes And Unicorns Brings Up An Important And Valid Point ????

There’s always someone who’s there to stir things up—and it appears Twitter user Kyle Brownlee (@_kylebrownlee) is just that guy. 

Last Saturday, without any provocation whatsoever, Brownlee set Twitter on fire with a seemingly harmless tweet that felt both so recognizably true and so revelatory at the same time that it left people shook: 

He then provided side-by-side, photographic evidence of why it’s bizarre to believe in one of these animals and not the other:

The post blew everyone away and set fingers sprinting across keys. It wasn’t too long before folks had follow-up questions of their own:

True believers were made:

Offerings of “otherworldly” or “experimental” animals were made:

But then, somebody dropped by to point out that dragons or at least dragon-like, giraffe-like, HUGE bird-type creatures were also real at one point in the earth’s history. 

The thought of which just terrified most folks:

And so, while it seems everyone on Twitter now agrees that giraffes are “aliens,” and narwhals and platypus are “experiments,” and vampire deer are just, well, creepy—we thought we’d add just a smidgen more fuel to the dragon fire by mentioning that science actually confirmed last year that—UNICORNS ARE REAL!! 

You’re welcome.

H/T: Twitter, Mashable, CNN