New Development About Upcoming ‘Rugrats’ Revival Is Leaving Fans Divided

Nobody’s childhood is safe! If it’s not a reboot or a sequel, it’s some weird revival that nobody asked for.

In a recent announcement from Nickelodeon, it was revealed that Rugrats would be making a return, but fans aren’t as excited as you’d think. The ’90s cartoon focused around a group of talking babies and their many adventures. Though a cartoon revival series is planned, Nickelodeon has something else up its sleeve.

A new movie, slated for a 2020 release, will accompany the new series, and few people seem to be excited about it. What’s bothering fans is that the quintet of babies will be brought to the big screen as CGI characters in a live action film.

It’s far from a new concept, but that doesn’t mean people want it integrated into their beloved series. In fact, the reaction to the film has been less-than-stellar, with some getting creative with the television show’s title card

Nobody is mincing words when it comes to showing their disdain for the idea.

Most seem to be okay with the 26-episode cartoon revival while the live-action film leaves a bad taste in their mouth.

There is some confusion on the timeline, considering, as one Twitter user points out, we’ve already watched the Rugrats grow up.

Not everyone is a pessimist, however. 

According to Variety, the show’s original creators will return to the cartoon revival, though there has been no news of casting. It appears as if there is only one acceptable cast, though.

As polarizing as the announcement has been, there is one guarantee we can all bank on: The movie is going to make a ton of money.

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