Kiwi The Parakeet And His Goth Girlfriend Just Had Babies, And The Internet Is Head Over Heels 😍

Kiwi and Siouxsie, a.k.a. the parakeet and his goth lovebird, are now proud parents of four new baby birds.

After Maura T. Hennelly, 19, unsuccessfully tried to spark a love interest between Kiwi and another bird, she introduced the black-and-white Siouxsie into the colorful boybird’s life. This time, there were fireworks.

The pair’s opposites-attract union captured the Internet’s attention last September, and now they have taken their love story to new heights. Maura broke the news with an exciting update on Twitter. On July 9, she tweeted, “Remember Kiwi & his goth gf?” 

Just look at the proud parents and their colorful brood! 

The half-goth baby birds are getting acclimated to their new surroundings, and they look adorable while doing so!

Maura closely documented the progress of the hatching eggs since April through a thread on Twitter. In the tweet below, the parakeets’ caregiver enthused, “Siouxsie is expected to lay her eggs in the next week!” 

The first egg spotting took place on May 16. 

By May 19, the proud caregiver shared a photo of three eggs.  “Lovebirds lay their clutches with one egg every other day,” Maura tweeted, “and Siouxsie feels like she still has at least 2 eggs left to lay!”

She even shared a remarkable video of the third egg where you can barely make out a tiny heartbeat. 

Anticipation was high on the eve of the first hatching.

On June 8, the first egg hatched. At first glance the baby bird resembled something closer to a tiny alien. But it would soon grow into its look.

Eventually, the other siblings followed.

After two weeks, all four birdlings are doing well. Pa and mama-Goth couldn’t be happier.

By week four, the baby parakeets are now in their fully recognizable state and no longer resemble aliens. The fact that they love to cuddle is an extra bonus.

Maura said that she enjoys being a “bird mom,” but after weaning, it was time for the little ones to leave the nest. By July 11, Maura let Mashable know that the chicks have all found a new home.

The thread’s cuteness-overload content moved so many people.

Other birds seem to be rejoicing.

H/T – Mashable, Twitter