Melania Trump Looked Absolutely Horrified After Shaking Putin’s Hand

First Lady Melania Trump accompanied her husband to a summit in Helsinki, Finland on Monday. There, she was formally introduced to Russian President Vladimir Putin – and someone caught the moment on tape.

Putin smiled and shook her hand, and initially, she smiled back and did the same. But, the internet is having a field day over what happened afterward: she appeared to be downright terrified.

Twitter user @srmduke87 shared the awkward moment:

He told people to watch how her face changes, from polite to horrified, in a matter of seconds.

People were astonished and insisted she was overcome by genuine fear and horror:

Although there is no telling exactly what was on her mind in that moment, there is no denying that it was a strong reaction…and by the looks of it, a negative one at that. 

This isn’t the first time she has gone viral for appearing to be…well, terrified:

She has donned a similar expression throughout the course of her husband’s presidency, even at his inauguration where some claim that she fake smiled before her face fell flat.

Putin it is an, erm, pleasure to meet you at last? 

H / T – Indy100, Daily Mail