Sherri Shepherd Gave A Blunt Answer On ‘Celebrity Family Feud’ That Left Steve Harvey Speechless 😮😂

Sherri Shepherd shocked literally everyone on Celebrity Family Feud‘s Monday night episode when Steve Harvey began the game with the question, “Name something a lady cop might do to her husband in the bedroom.” Shepherd responded, “Cut his penis off.”

After taking a moment to let the audience’s cheers die down, Steve Harvey said:

Sherri, listen to me. This thing we’re doing, this is a game show. This isn’t therapy. You’re not supposed to be up here to get out your innermost thoughts.

Apparently, she’s still bitter about her split with Lamar Sally. But it made for good TV, or at least some people thought it did. 

There’s something about Steve Harvey’s reaction when he’s feigning shock or disbelief. It’s always the same and yet it’s still funny. That one facial expression never gets old and Monday’s show was no exception.

Here’s the clip:

Many viewers found the exchange humorous:

Or at least seemed to delight in her craziness:

But not everyone found it so funny:

And some noted that, had the situation been reversed, people may not have found it so entertaining:

And last…poor Ian Ziering:

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