Supermodel Ashley Graham Had Zero Time For One Instagram Troll’s Pregnancy Comment 🔥

You know what they say––never assume a woman is pregnant. For one, it’s pretty rude to do, and you may also find yourself on the receiving end of some well-deserved sass.

“Plus-size” supermodel Ashley Graham recently posted a video of herself on Instagram enjoying her bod in a pink bikini. For the most part, people loved the video and commented with praise. 

But of course there had to be at least one doofus that couldn’t go with the flow. @Magbody chimed in with what seemed like a compliment to Graham, but took it in a very wrong direction. Graham, without sugarcoating a thing, responded perfectly.

This isn’t the first time Graham has had to put Instagram users in their place. In October 2017, Graham posted a small collage of comments she receives whenever she posts a workout video. They’re not entirely inspiring or, for the most part, even nice.

As for her most recent clap back at a potential troll, Graham drew plenty of attention across multiple platforms. The Instagram comment found its way to Twitter, where celebrities like Perez Hilton chimed in with support for Graham.

Many concurred with Hilton’s comments and praised the model.

Despite what some trolls may say, Graham has proven herself an inspiration to many. There is no doubt that her response to the pregnancy comment will earn her even more respect within her community.

H/T: Huffington Post, Instagram