Dennis Rodman Opens Up About His Friendship With Kim Jong Un—And Wanting To Bring Kanye West To North Korea ????

Dennis Rodman isn’t much of a social media user, but his agent makes sure he’s on top of his game whenever someone reputable gives him a shoutout. When Rodman’s agent notified him of Kanye West’s favorable mention of the retired NBA player, a plan was set in motion to bring West to North Korea.

Rodman returned the favor with a shoutout to Kanye on Twitter and in an US Weekly interview with Jennifer Peros on Tuesday. 

You know, I don’t do Instagram and stuff like that. My kids do it. I just know my agent called me and said, ‘Dennis, Kanye West gave you a good shoutout’ I said, ‘OK, great.’

Rodman added more praise for the artist:

I think he’s a big Chicago Bulls fan. I think that he respects me as far as understanding my views. And Kanye, he’s doing amazing work around the world so I respect him too. So hopefully one day we’ll get together and collaborate on certain things. Guess what, I’ll take Kanye West to North Korea with me.

It’s pretty well known by this point that Rodman and Kim Jong-Un have an unlikely friendship. So it’s a strong possibility that the former Chicago Bulls player will introduce West to the North Korean leader. 

Rodman said in the interview he hopes to inspire the rapper for his next album:

Matter of fact, I’m going to invite him next time I go to North Korea. If the door’s open in September, I will invite Kanye West with me to go to North Korea with me … If he wants to make an album about that he’ll be there for like six to seven days, and he’ll see what’s going on. Now, go make a song about this. So here you go.

Rodman recently got emotional during a CNN interview describing Kim Jong-Un’s and Donald Trump’s summit meeting in June.

When I started this whole venture about going to North Korea, it wasn’t about me, about trying to be more famous. No, I just wanted to have a good time with the family, that was it. 

People start turning on me, then all of a sudden now when they had the meeting, all of a sudden now people say, ‘Oh it took you five years for our President to prove the fact that I was right. 

I said ‘OK, whatever.’ If anything happens with this whole thing, with North Korea and America, it’s amazing how the fact that I didn’t do it, I just brought the guys together.

People had feelings about Rodman wanting to bring West together with Kim Jong-Un.

But would West accept this special invitation? That was the question on everyone’s mind.

West has yet to respond, and those who care are on the edge of their seats for an answer that may or may not come.

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