Florida Woman Admits To Beating Her 85-Year-Old Mother To Death For Leaving Her Out Of Her Will

Money seems to bring out the very worst in some people. 

A Florida woman has allegedly admitted to beating up her 85-year-old mother, Luisa Perero after learning she’d been left out of her will. Her mother died in the hospital the next day.

According to ABC News 53-year-old, Gabriela Perero was arrested and charged with:

  …premeditated murder and aggravated battery on a person over age 65. She was denied bond on Monday. 

Perero allegedly told Broward County deputies:

I guess I’m going to jail … I beat up my mom.

According to AJC.com: 

 Gabriela Perero told investigators she was angry because her siblings were receiving inheritances from their mother, but she was not, despite being the one caring for the elderly woman. According to the arrest affidavit, she told detectives she became enraged over the ongoing dispute and began ransacking her mother’s home, where she was also living temporarily. 

Perero also allegedly admitted  that she then began to “destroy” her mother’s home, before turning her rage on her mom. 

You destroyed my life so I’m going to destroy you! Perero allegedly told deputies, she screamed at her mother during the fight.

People Magazine who got their hands on the arrest report, detailed that Perero, allegedly admitted to pushing her mother to the floor, grabbing her by the arms, and then grabbing her by the neck with both hands and squeezing— allegedly telling deputies she “ripped her skin off.”

When it was over, the affidavit states, Perero admitted she took her mother to the bathroom and washed the blood from her body before putting her into bed and calling 911.

I did it all, Perero allegedly told police.

People also states that while Perero was handcuffed in the back of a squad car she allegedly told police: 

I don’t want her to die.

The arrest report states that the elder, Perero’s body was covered in lacerations and that an autopsy declared her death to be a homicide. Gabriela Perero is currently being held in the Broward County Jail without bail, according to the Cox Media Group. 

There is no attorney currently listed.

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