Someone Just Did A Hair Swap On A Picture Of Ariana Grande And Pete Davidson—And We’re Kind Of OK With It, TBH

Everybody’s favorite fast-paced couple is back in the spotlight, this time for something they had absolutely no hand in.

Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande have been making headlines as of late for their whirlwind romance after suffering individual break-ups. After only weeks of dating, the celebrity couple got engaged, and social media users had plenty to say about it.

But that’s not why we’re here. We’ve spent our time discussing their fast-moving relationship and, anyway, Instagram user @adam.the.creator has given us another gem worth obsessing over.

With the headline “When you spend so much time together you start to look like each other,” @adam.the.creator shared an image where Grande and Davidson have been given digital haircuts.

In the doctored image, Davidson is seen with Grande’s ponytail and the “Side to Side” singer is sporting her beau’s short, blond look.

If we’re to be completely honest, we’ve seen much worse without the help of Photoshop. In fact, Grande rocks Davidson’s hairstyle just as good as he does. 

The post, which was later shared on Buzzfeed, garnered a ton of attention, even from the songstress herself. Grande commented, “[H]onestly? [N]ot too f**kin shabby,” before tagging Davidson’s official Instagram account. Grande also shared the impressive image

She even showed it off on Twitter.

People were quick to make some celebrity comparisons.

Overall, the “new look” received quite a positive response, so it wouldn’t be a surprise if Grande decided to go short and blonde.

We’d like to see another professional hair swap, if anyone is up for the challenge. Courtesy of a suggestion from Twitter user @sweetenerAG41, we’d love to see Ariana Grande sporting a full-on Dumbledore.

Have at it, internet. Give us something believable!

H/T: Buzzfeed, Instagram, Twitter