A Spot-On Theory About The Inevitable Future Of ‘Harry Potter’ Is Going Viral

Of all the fan theories in the world— this one has the highest chance of becoming a reality.

On Tuesday, Reddit users were the first to catch a glimpse of the most spot-on prognostication for the future of the Harry Potter franchise that, like any really good spell, they were left unable to counter.

It all began when Reddit user wunderfizz posted this in the Showerthoughts sub:

As far as predictions go, you have to admit—it’s a pretty safe bet. 

And really, when you think about it, the question at hand, is not will they reboot the Harry Potter franchise but rather WHEN? 

You can bet a theory like this (I mean, who are we kidding here, ANY theory on Reddit) is sure to spark debate and invite the attention of those who “know better” than the author or filmmaker to share their criticisms and totally brill plans:

After a few minor debates that were on topic and some debates that were tangential, people were finally content to get to the very heart of the theory that was posted—exactly, where should the aging original cast best be placed for their cameos in this future reboot?

While there were A LOT of ideas about where to take a reboot or continuation of the series, the general consensus was that this reboot is an inevitability—whether we like it or not. 

And just like that, someone showed up to carry this theory off and apply it to another mega-franchise—thus depressing, igniting, and exciting another fanbase.

Here’s a little something from the Potterverse to look forward to as you await the Harry Potter reboot:

H/T: Reddit, Mashable