Photo Of Trump’s Russia Backtrack Speech Notes Have The Internet Freaking Out—And Rightly So

Whenever “Trump” and “Russia” are uttered in the same sentence, the world collectively holds its breath. What’s to follow? How bad will it be? Well, this time, it’s pretty bad.

During a brief press conference this week to discuss the rumors of Trump’s dealings with Russia, the president failed to ease anybody’s worries. It had nothing to do with what he said, however, but more so what he wrote.

As many have pointed out, Trump had a typed up script in front of him to help him through the conference. In big bold letters, the president seemingly wrote in “There was no colusion [sic].” 

If you didn’t think it could get worse, you were absolutely wrong; because it appears he also crossed out a line that stated “Anyone involved in that meddling to justice.” 

So, on one hand he wanted to make sure he mentioned that there was no “colusion,” but on the other he didn’t want to assure the nation that anyone involved in the “colusion” would be brought to justice.”

The Internet isn’t blind to how this looks.

Why Trump wrote “There was no colusion” on his script is confusing. It’s a point he’s made time and time again and is likely one he wouldn’t forget to make… if it were true. 

The president’s notes were only part of the horror show that unfolded during the conference. Despite the fact that many U.S. intelligence agencies disagree, Trump still claims there is “no reason” to believe Russia would interfere with a US election. 

Critics like John O. Brennan, the former CIA director, remained vocal about Trump’s dismissal of claims of Russia’s meddling.

Mike Murphy, a GOP strategist, was just as critical of the president’s conference, calling it “traitorous” and “moronic.” 

Trump tried to finally put an end to the collusion claims with a very frank statement:

I accept our intelligence community’s conclusion that Russia’s meddling in the 2016 election took place. Could be other people also. There’s a lot of people out there.

Ah, Trump. Trying to use the “There’s a lot of people out there” defense, implemented never because it’s a ridiculous thing to say when evidence hasn’t found blame anywhere else.

H/T: Indy 100, Twitter