Award-Winning Journalist Shares Mind-Boggling Rejection Letter For Lack Of ‘Experience’ 😐

After working for nearly a decade as an editor at The New Yorker, and winning multiple awards as a features reporter for the Chicago Tribune, Emily Nunn knows her way around print journalism. No doubt, she also understands rejection is the price one pays for a lifetime of pursuing journalism. Still, there are some rejections that hit below the belt. 

Nunn, whose memoir The Comfort Food Diaries: My Quest for the Perfect Dish to Mend a Broken Heart was named NPR’s Best Books of 2017, took to Twitter to share a hysterical and sad rejection she received for a newspaper job.  

The rejection letter reads:

Hi Emily, thanks for applying for the open positions in Style. Unfortunately we are looking for people who have a broader range of experience and a significant number of years at a well-known publication. Keep writing! Good luck with your career.

Twitter users couldn’t decide which part was the best or worst.

Other creative people could sympathize. 

While others shared their own rejection horror stories.

At least Nunn kept her sense of humor.

With over 20,000 likes so far, something tells us Nunn won’t be looking for work for long. 

H/T: Twitter, The Gannett