Conservatives Are Showing Their Support For Papa John’s Racism With A New Hashtag

Last week news broke that “Papa” John Schnatter used the n-word on a role-playing phone call with a PR firm to help him learn how to avoid future controversies. The phone call was ultimately unsuccessful—public outrage forced Schnatter to leave his company’s board of directors. Meanwhile, his name was removed from a building at the University of Louisville, major sports teams split ways with Papa John’s sponsorships, and his own hometown returned a donation he had made to a local field house.

All in all, things aren’t looking too good for Papa (except for the $50 million he made the day after he left the board of directors). Conservatives on Twitter are uniting behind the pizza icon, using the hashtag #PapaJohnDidNothingWrong to defend his racist language.

The movement began with far-right troll Nicholas Fuentes:

Other conservatives lined up right behind Fuentes.

Unspoken in the conservative argument of first amendment rights is the fact that Schnatter has every right to say whatever word he wants, but is not free from the consequences those words may cause. If, for instance, your racism causes your company’s sales to dip, you may be removed as CEO.  

Papa John, and his millions and millions of dollars, are desperately in need of support from Twitter!

Unfortunately for conservatives, the green peppers on Fuentes’s pizza quickly became a meme.

Many people noted that by defending Papa John and buying his product, they were essentially rewarding his racism.

And since Papa John was removed from his position, buying Papa John’s pizza is actually supporting the company they’re protesting.


H/T – The Daily Dot, Complex