Trevor Noah’s Comments Calling French World Cup Victory An ‘African’ Win Spark Debate About Cultural Identity

On a recent episode of The Daily Show, host Trevor Noah joked that the French soccer team’s win at the World Cup was an “African victory,” referring to the fact that 80% of the French team is of African descent. Though Noah’s joke was intended draw positive attention to the team’s heritage, his words were inadvertently similar to a sentiment among white supremacists in France: that the French team isn’t really French because many of them are black. 

With the current issues of his home country in his mind, the French Ambassador wrote The Daily Show a strongly worded letter:

Noah saw where the French Ambassador was coming from but took issue with his views of citizenship and representation. 

The issue is a complex one, with potential disagreements compounded by cultural differences regarding how people approach race in France and in the U.S. 

So, obviously, everyone on Twitter had a definite answer for who was right and who was wrong.

For their part, France seems like they’re ready to let the argument be over.

Then again, they did kind of start it.

Noah’s argument is important here in the U.S., but perhaps the French Ambassador was acting for the benefit of his countrymen overseas.

Context is everything.

But who WON the argument?!

The final tally shows…nothing! The issue is too complex to easily find a “right” and “wrong.”

Of course, that doesn’t make for a good Twitter post. 

Perhaps we should be less focused on winning arguments and making statements, and more eager to listen and understand. Noah’s point is certainly valid, but with full context of what’s happening in France, the Ambassador’s message is also understandable.

Nuance has never been more important!

H/T – Twitter, CNN