Comic Con 2018 Is Upon Us And Here Are The Best Looks So Far

It’s time again for 2018 San Diego Comic Con!

The annual convention includes a parade of fandom and finery attracting some of the best cosplayers in the world. 

Check out these – some of the best of the best.  These diverse characters have differing levels of obscurity – we can’t possibly identify all of them! 

So instead of giving any of them proper identification, we’ll be labeling them all somewhat more creatively.

Diamond-Style Greenums

Mr. Aquagal and Yellowfriend

Jumbo Hammerpal

Shipply Cumberbund And the Trooper On Shore Leave

The Tape That Has Seen WAY Too Much

Detective Handly Sproutings

Mariola, Luigina and, uh, Daisy, the Princess from the seminal 1985 Super Mario Sisters Nintendo Game

Lady Longbraid Wristraiser


Sister Mary Doompeepers


Tablesaver the Mighty

The Unpettable Metal Pooch

Stare Glumly Now and Laugh Later

And this is just day one, folks!

H/T: Huffington Post, Twitter