Man Asks For Help Identifying Mysterious Chamber Dug Up In Yard–Probably Regrets He Did

Imgur user rhysfcarter6 took to the image sharing community when he discovered a mysterious hole in his garden. 

He shared several images online as well as descriptions.

Then he asked for help in solving the puzzle. Uh, oh…

“A closer view of the hole.”

“Inside the hole prior to digging.”

“Large stone stopper retrieved from the hole.”

“A pipe seemingly going to the chamber from the direction of the house.”

“Some items retrieved from the chamber.”

What, no basilisk?

Fellow imgur users had some ideas. Turns out it wasn’t the Chamber of Secrets.

The post also inspired more imaginative answers from the online community.

FYI: oubliette – a dungeon with an opening only at the top

It just goes to show, when you ask the internet for information it’s like diarrhea — they just can’t hold it in.

H/T: boredpanda, imgur