Jason Mraz Opens Up On His Sexuality And His ‘Two Spirit’ Experiences With Men

Jason Mraz has been on the record as being “bisexually open-minded” since at least 2005. 

While having never been in a sexual relationship with a man, he’d had emotional relationships with them. In our new recognition of the spectrum of sexuality, his wife of three years, Christina Carano, helped him put a neat label on his identity that summed it all up for him. 

It does kinda seem that he cheated on his now-wife during the course of their relationship, but they’re still very much a couple and he credits his identity to the term she brought to the table.

“Two Spirit” is a term coined in the 90s at a conference for gay and lesbian Native Americans as an open-ended term for an  open-ended identity – a person “embodying both male and female spirits”. Mraz identifies with the idea of being “someone who can love both man and woman… I really like that.”

While he’s emotionally committed to his wife, he’d penned a poem back in June to express solidarity with the LGBTQ community which featured a line that felt rather more than telling. 

Love Poem to the LGBTQ Community

Dear You,
Thank you.
You have inspired me.
Re-wired me.
You showed me what strength is.
You demonstrated courage over and over again.
You risked so much for love.
You never compromised your expression
Even when
Your rights and freedoms were being compromised.
You stood up for me.
You stood up for the world.
And now the world is better because of you.
We still have a long way to go
But know
I am bi your side.
All ways.

Jason Mraz

We’re certainly happy that he’s found a comfortable, stable sexual identity, but the majority of responses to his specific choice of terminology were not on board with his cultural appropriation. 

There’s a simpler term that might not have ruffled so many feathers. 

Live your best life, Mr. Mraz.

H/T: People, Billboard