People Are Sharing Their Naive #WhatIThoughtWhenIWas18 Thoughts–And They’re Depressingly Relatable

There is nothing in the world so important for self-improvement as discovering that you are wrong. 

But riding alongside all that wonderful personal growth is a healthy dollop of shame. And where better to turn shame into a fun scrollable gallery than Twitter? 

The recent hashtag game #WhatIThoughtWhenIWas18 brought out the worst in our old selves. So cringe along with us, won’t you?

Here are just some of the highlights of #WhatIThoughtWhenIWas18

Mr. Ciecek told my junior-year history class that we all would have ‘many loves’. 

We were baffled.

Not anymore.    

We were completely unprepared for BILLS! 


There’s a lot of overestimations of our life experience. 

There were some misjudgements.

And of course, some people out there made some rather more lasting errors at that age. 

Here’s to our dumber selves.

H/T: Twitter