Britney Hits Us One More Time With A New Instagram Video And The Secret To Her Killer Bod

Britney Spears doesn’t wait around to get tired of her old dance routines.

While gearing up for the upcoming ‘Piece Of Me’ tour, Britney showed us all on instagram what she does to keep her routine fresh, never frozen.

“It always amazes me how different your body looks and feels when learning new moves and creating your own routines!” the mother of two writes. “Doing the same things while working out can get pretty stagnant, which is why I love dancing!”  She is seen learning her new combo with gospel artist Mikey Pesante.

With new choreography comes new bodily challenges, which Spears takes into account.  In order to prep for the new choreo, she changes up her exercise routine.

Doesn’t she look amazing?

Spears kicked off her ‘Piece Of Me’ Tour in Maryland on Thursday, July 12th. The tour will run down the east coast until the end of July, at which point she will head overseas to the UK, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Belgium, Ireland and France.

We’re looking forward to seeing the new choreography in action.

H/T: People, Instagram