Rihanna Shares Lace-Front Wig Selfie To Instagram And–It’s A Look.

Rihanna is the queen of not giving any f*cks whatsoever.

She proved it once again on her Instagram story when she posted a selfie of her wearing a platinum blonde lace-front wig.

With the lace still CLEARLY showing halfway down her forehead.

Honestly, Ri, go for it.  

Who got the gumption to mess with you?

The caption, “What frontal?” is iconic.  

Like, she ain’t gonna care and we’re gonna not care with her.

Actually, we wouldn’t be surprised if “What frontal?” became the tagline of 2018.

Rihanna has been blonde before. 

But it’s been awhile.

We’re excited to see if she keeps the “what frontal?” look or, honestly, whatever happens with her hair.  

We’re just excited that Rihanna still exists.

H/T: Bustle, Teen Vogue