Jamie Lee Curtis Tearfully Embraces Man Who Says ‘Halloween’ Actually Helped Save His Life

Here’s a sentence you’d never expect to hear: Halloween saved my life.

Yet at the 2018 San Diego Comic-Con, a place where anything can happen, a fan of the 1978 movie said almost exactly that.

During a Q&A session for the 2018 Halloween film, a fan stood up to ask the “original scream queen,” Jamie Lee Curtis, a question. Before getting to his inquiry, though, he provided a brief story about how the film wound up saving his life.

There’s a hush that falls over the audience as it tries to determine whether this guy is full of it, but as a lump forms in his throat and he shares his sordid tale, it becomes more apparent that, yes, Laurie Strode is partially responsible for his survival.

Much like Curtis’ on-screen character, the fan, identified by Getty Images as Jeffrey Scott, was trapped in a home invasion scenario. His could-be killer wielded a knife and cut the phone wires, leaving him trapped within his own home. With Halloween in mind, Scott realized his only chance for survival was to make a break for it, much like Strode did across the sleepy streets of Haddonfield. 

“I’m a victor today instead of a victim,” Scott told Curtis after sharing how he escaped by channeling his inner Laurie Strode. 

In response to the incredible story and for his appreciation that she was responsible for his survival, Curtis left the panel and embraced Scott in an emotional hug.

The unexpected wave of emotions that washed over the horror panel spread over social media as people caught wind of the moment between Curtis and Scott.

Scott’s story may have even inspired a new universal way for people to handle stressful situations, one that you can bet we’re going to start following.

H/T: Twitter, News A.V. Club