Jason Momoa Admits That Aquaman Wearing Jeans Underwater Was Probably A ‘Bad Choice’

Throughout much of DC’s upcoming movie Aquaman, the titular character, played by Jason Momoa, wears jeans as he swims through the ocean, fighting the forces of water-based evil. If you’ve ever swum in pants, you know it’s no picnic. There’s a reason swim trunks don’t extend below the knee and are made of lightweight fabrics.

When a fan who had seen the newly-released movie poster pointed this out at San Diego Comic-Con, Jason Momoa acknowledged it may not have been the best choice:

It was a bad choice, looking back, to wear denim. They look like leather. They’re not. They’re wet, 20-pound denim. Bad move.

Momoa told the story of how director James Wan repeatedly asked him to make a particular jumping stunt look “cooler.” The star had to sadly report, “there was only so much he could move in soaking-wet denim.”

Wan replied:

I did tell you to take your pants off. A lot of your fans would be happy about that.

Aquaman eventually discards his jeans in favor of more appropriate swim-gear, including a modernized version of his classic orange-scaled costume. 

Aquaman will be hitting theaters on December 21—the perfect Christmas present for fans of both Momoa and Levi’s. 

H/T – Mashable, Maxim