Korean Beauty Company Faces Backlash Over Using ‘Blackface’ On A Model’s Hand

How is it that it’s 2018 and beauty companies still haven’t realized that making somebody darker with foundation or spray tan is largely considered not okay? The latest advertising failure hails from Korea, and though they aren’t guilty of “blackface,” their crime is not too far off.

Stylenanda, a South Korean-based fashion company, recently released an ad for nail varnish that has turned quite a few heads. The ad depicts two hands intertwined at the pinky fingers, and while they may not sound like a bad thing, take a glimpse.

While one hand appears in its natural color, the other, as social media users noticed, was either colored in using foundation or was digitally altered. Whatever the case, it’s a unique case of “blackface.” Maybe “blackhand”?

YouTuber Darcei Amanda had plenty to say about Stylenanda’s poor decision, launching into a series of tweets that include a link to her video on the incident and an attempt to reach out to the company directly.

Stylenanda, of course, gave her a standard reply.

Once the advertisement circulated across social media for reasons having nothing to do with selling a product, Stylenanda took to Instagram with yet another standard apology.

While the apology was largely considered “too little, too late,” some Stylenanda supporters felt the backlash was out of hand.

For those unsure of how the mistake was so easily caught, Twitter user Lady Tokki (@sleepy_tokki) has a video for your reference.

Others were just as confused as Lady Tokki.

Then, of course, there were reactions of general outrage.

Stylenanda’s slip-up comes two months after model Gigi Hadid was accused of posing in blackface for a photoshoot for Vogue Italia and, unfortunately, we know it’s just a matter of time before an incident like this occurs again.

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