Obama’s Former Photographer Just Trolled Trump For Wanting To Take Away Security Clearances 🔥

It appears these days that, whenever the President says something, someone will be there with a quip. The latest “Trump-ism” to get called out involves Trump’s desire to revoke security clearance from former intelligence officials.

There to deliver the criticism this time was Obama-era White House photographer Pete Souza.

In his Instagram post, the former White House photographer shares a photo of four former presidents and jokingly asks “Wonder if you-know-who will try to revoke their security clearances, too?” 

Souza’s post came in response to Trump’s announcement that he is considering revoking the security clearances of former intelligence officials, specifically speaking of those who have criticized him.

Among the names on that list would be former CIA Director John Brennan and former FBI Director James Comey, two very vocal individuals who have had no issues speaking out against Trump since their departure.

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) has specifically called for the revocation of Brennan’s clearance, claiming he has been “”monetizing his security clearance” by criticizing the President.

“Sure glad I haven’t been criticizing him,” Souza joked, alluding to the fact that it’s typically Trump’s detractors that receive the brunt of his long-winded Twitter rants.

Many of his posts have, in one way or another, trolled President Trump, sometimes while also praising Obama.

For instance, there was that time he expressed his delight in the talks over the possibility of Russian President Vladimir Putin visiting Washington.

In fact, Putin is a somewhat popular topic on his Instagram. Again, with reference to Obama’s time in office just to dig the knife in a little deeper.

It’s no secret that the current President is a laughing stock and is not respected overseas. Souza was sure to bring that up in a post, twisting that knife by making it an image of Obama.

Souza put his criticisms of the current White House in book form. Taking his “shade-throwing skills” into the world of print media, he compiled a book titled “Shade: A Tale of Two Presidents,” slated for an October 16 release date.  

The book will juxtapose tweets from Trump with images of Obama.

As for Trump’s wishes to remove security clearances, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders doubled down, stating “The president doesn’t like the fact that people are politicizing agencies and departments.” 

Even if Trump can remove their security clearances, that wouldn’t silence them as private citizens.

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