Republican Congressman Refers To Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez As ‘This Girl…Or Whatever She Is’ During Campaign Event

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez shocked the nation with her Democratic primary victory over Joe Crowley, who has been a Congressman since Smash Mouth first hit the radio and was presumed to be on track to replace Nancy Pelosi as Democratic leader. 

The 28-year-old congressional nominee is a rising star in the left side of politics and, on a much more basic level, she is a human woman of Puerto Rican descent.

These simple facts apparently were entirely lost on Republican Ron DeSantis of Florida, who referred to her at a fundraising event as: 

“this girl Ocasio-Cortez, or whatever she is” 

DeSantis’ inability to determine the basic noun composing “whatever” Ocasio-Cortez is seems worrying for a man seeking the Republican nomination for the Governor of Florida. 

Ocasio-Cortez wasted no time in hitting back directly on Twitter. 

While Ocasio-Cortez dialed in on the ‘what’ element of DeSantis’ comments, others were more offended by the infantilizing misogyny of his remarks:

Tough-guy politics dictate that you demean and belittle your political opponents. 

Uncreative tough-guy politicians might offer a dollop of ageism in there when there is barely a ten-year-difference between the two. 

Naturally, Ocasio-Cortez’ supporters saw her clapback as the epic takedown that it was. 

Epic takedowns can be quite the asset for elected officials, Ocasio-Cortez is already showing she has the chops for when she goes to Washington. 

H/T: Huffington Post, the Cut