White Woman Eavesdrops On Black Woman’s Call About Food Stamps—Threatens To Call Police

Another round of “people butting into people’s business” unfolded at a grocery store when a white woman overheard a black woman’s phone call.

A 31-second clip of the incident was shared on YouTube by user Gerald Huston on Sunday and shows the white woman threatening to call the police, believing that the black woman was trying to sell food stamps.

The two get into the expected back-and-forth of “it’s not your business” and “I pay taxes, so it is,” and while some justify the white woman’s threat to call the cops by pointing out the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s laws against selling food stamps, the exchange takes an odd turn part way through.

While the unidentified black woman continues to tell her aggressor to mind her business, the white woman chimes in with something completely unrelated.

“We’re going to build this wall,” she says and then repeats, as if saying it again makes it any more relevant.

The video cuts out while the white woman is on the phone, leaving everyone to wonder whether she actually called the cops. Who, by the way, do not handle food stamp fraud. Such a claim requires a thorough investigation that wouldn’t involve local authorities at all.

Following the trend of providing nicknames for unnecessary whistle blowers, people immediately started tossing around names for the interfering white woman.

The video found its way to Instagram, where it accumulated more than 70,000 likes and 19,000 comments. 

People didn’t react too kindly to the woman’s eavesdropping and insistence that she call the cops, but it’s the “We’re going to build this wall” comment that’s really throwing people for a loop.

Currently, there has been no follow-up on this incident and no confirmation as to whether the police were involved.

H/T: Blavity, Indy100