New ‘First Base’ Meme Throws Those Old Sexual Expectations Out The Window

Ah, first base. Every boy in middle school dreams about getting to those bases and boasts about how far they’ve gotten. It’s the weirdest, most awkwardly toxic thing for twelve-year-olds to be discussing.

It’s also weird that we define a relationship by how physical we’ve gotten with someone. So Millennials and Gen Z, being Millennials and Gen Z, are tired of these outdated sexual expectations, and have created a series of new definitions for the “bases.”

One of the major devices of this meme is putting sex first, because we all know that that is definitely not where the home run lies.

Though some users don’t get to sex at all—speaking to how easy it is to ignore the opportunity for a date in its early stages.

Sometimes we bring in those French existentialists.

And sometimes we bring in Brandon Flowers from The Killers.

Somehow the plot of Shrek always makes it in, too.

But all in all, the purpose of the meme is clear: let’s de-normalize talking about sex like it’s scorekeeping. Most of us want so much more than that, and having those kind of conversations, even through joking threads like Twitter memes, are really important to reshaping the future of those middle schoolers in the thick of it right now.

More of these memes, please!

H/T: Mashable, Twitter