A Massive Gathering Of Golden Retrievers Meets Up In Scotland For The 150th Anniversary Of The Breed ????

What is paradise?  Authors and poets and playwrights of old have tried to capture the perfect image of paradise, yet all have left something to be desired.  If only any of them had conceived of a giant field full of Golden Retrievers, they may have come close to the paradise that the Golden Retriever Club of Scotland created at Guisachan Estate.

To celebrate the anniversary of the first Golden Retriever being bred in 1868 by Lord Tweedmouth, over 361 total Retrievers and their owners showed up to celebrate their own conception by being very, very good boys and girls, according to Today.

“It’s such a popular breed,” Doreen McGugan, chair of the Golden Retriever Club of Scotland, told Today. “And it was the 150th anniversary, which is very special.”

Honestly, the world needs less political conventions and more dog conventions.

And next time, can we be invited?! Please??!?!

This is the largest ever gathering of the breed, breaking a world record.  Guinness has yet to comment on whether or not they will feature the pups in their book, but we might start a Change.org petition to ensure that comes to pass.

We really can’t stop watching.

H/T: Twitter, Today