Rudy Giuliani Actually Said ‘Don’t Quote Me On That’ During A Live Fox News Interview πŸ˜‚

Rudy Giuliani has lost his marbles. But, of course, that is no secret.

According to the Huffington Post, Former NYC mayor Giuliani, currently on President Donald Trump’s legal team, was offering a defense for his client on an incriminating audio file that was recently uncovered. 

While he’s sure the leak came “from the other side,” he’s not sure exactly who leaked the tape. 

Giuliani went on to say, “May have been Avenatti, somebody else, don’t quote me on that.”   

The tapes appear to contain a conversation between Trump and his former attorney, Michael Cohen, discussing buying the rights to Playboy Model Karen McDougal’s story. McDougal says she had an affair with the president, but Trump’s representatives, at the time, including Cohen, claimed to have no knowledge of this.

Giuliani’s defense revolves mostly around Trump saying he wanted to pay cash for the story: Giuliani’s argument is that anybody who would pay cash in this case is a “complete idiot” and the “President is not an idiot.”

Giuliani also goes on to say that there are “three other versions” of the tape which are “even worse” than what has been released, which Ingraham chooses to ignore.

Giuliani’s history as a politician is already plagued by ultra-conservative policies, such as the infamous “Stop & Frisk” policy, which was removed from New York City law as a violation of the fourth amendment.  When President Trump was elected, Giuliani was quoted as saying that this was the biggest victory for the people since “Andrew Jackson,” whose presidency involved the genocide of Native Americans.

Is it worth pointing out that nobody HAS to quote him when he misspeaks on live television, so “don’t quote me on that” isn’t a useful phrase? Probably not. But don’t quote me on on that.

H/T: HuffPost, Twitter