Sen. Orrin Hatch Had To Send Google A Reminder That He Is, In Fact, Still Very Much Alive 😂

Senator Orrin Hatch is, among many other things, an extraordinarily old man who was born in 1934. If someone hadn’t been paying attention over the past few years, they might have been forgiven for assuming the longest-serving Republican Senator in American History had slid off this mortal coil. They might also have learned they were mistaken if they’d recently checked Google.

So, yeah. Orrin Hatch is alive, despite…well, despite a lot. Somebody edited Hatch’s Wikipedia page with a phony death date, which then populated the Google’s “Orrin Hatch” search result. Hatch’s staff called out the error, then backed it up with proof of life, starting with the classic “here he is with today’s newspaper” pic. 

Here he is with Today’s Fox News Broadcast because what else would be on in that office?

Here he is in a series of recent interviews. 

And here he is interacting with a head of state in front of cameras for all the world to see. 

The staff indulged themselves with an extra long thread of proof of life, but the most worthwhile one ended up featuring bacon. 

Google, for their part, hadn’t noticed until the tweet storm and immediately launched into action. 

It’s a funny enough situation to merit a couple of tweets and a hearty chuckle, but the staff, likely giddy at the idea of a social media opportunity without any political connotation in these aggressively divisive times, dropped twelve. 

And people noticed.

So I guess we need to check on Orrin Hatch.

H/T: Mashable, NPR