Video Of Ambulance Getting Parking Ticket While Paramedics Stop To Get Water Sparks Debate

A traffic warden in Cheshire, England, got some flak for taking his job a little too seriously when he issued a parking ticket for an ambulance that he claimed was parked illegally.

Cameraman Ian French captured on video the confrontation between the ambulance driver, who was on shift and wanted to get some water, and the parking attendant. French was just as upset as the driver and can be heard on the video calling the attendant an “idiot.”

The incident happened outside a Tesco in North England on Tuesday. The ambulance driver was on call but wanted some water from the Kingsmead shop. Because of its size, the ambulance couldn’t fit in a normal parking spot, so she stopped the vehicle on double yellow lines instead of occupying a designated handicapped parking spot. 

But the traffic warden would not budge.

The attendant was unsympathetic to the driver when she told him she had been working since early morning. 

The parking company, Euro Parking Services, has since apologized and overturned the citation. 

According to BBC Adrian Nesbitt, a manager for Euro Parking Services, said the warden was called in for an investigation.

It is a mistake on our part, we will contact the ambulance service to offer our apologies and put together a full training package to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

The ambulance service is very important to our community, we don’t want to hinder them and we’re very saddened by the situation.

There was plenty of debate over the incident, with some believing the crew being on call was irrelevant.

Others agreed that the whole ordeal was ridiculous.

Someone with experience spoke in support of the crew. It’s all about timing.

Cheshire West and Chester Council’s traffic regulation said that all emergency service vehicles are exempt from parking restrictions, but the mandate does not extend to private properties. 

The British Parking Association’s (BPA) code of contact states that members should “respect the needs of the emergency services.” However, Euro Parking Services is not listed as a member of the BPA, according to BBC.

As a result of the heated exchange, the Tesco landowner temporarily stopped enforcing parking restrictions while the parking contract is under review.

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