This Viral Image Of A Doctor’s Sign Isn’t Going Over Well With Anti-Vaxxers

A woman in Colorado spotted a sign in her physician’s office that she felt was “throwing some serious shade” at parents who choose not to vaccinate their children. It’s now gone viral. 

Facebook user Sunni Mariah took a pic of her sign find and posted it to her Facebook page on July 20th—five days later, it’s been shared more than 180,000 times. 

But the thing is—the sign wasn’t even written by her doctor’s office.

The poster was actually authored by a physician in Australia who says she is “passionate” about vaccination. That passion translated into a rant that Dr. Rachel Heap told she wrote after she had come off a “pretty tough spell” in the intensive care unit.

 We look after people dying of influenza. I’ve looked after people with complications of cervical cancer. We looked after a guy with mumps. The two things kind of hit together. I did a rant, from the heart. It’s the truth as I experience it, as I live it, every day.

Here’s what Dr. Heap’s practice (Northern Rivers Vaccination Supporters) posted on their Facebook page about the “frustrated and emotional rant” that is now going viral “two years later”:

So why has Dr. Heap’s self-described “rant” suddenly gone viral? By the looks of it, because folks on both sides of this very personal issue are just as passionate as Heap.

Many commenters came out against the poster on Mariah’s feed, posting links to vaccine inserts, blog posts, video interviews, etc. and sharing their own emotional stories:

Others agreed with the sign and were angry with those who choose not to vaccinate their children:

Things got pretty heated in the over 4,000 comments—but there were those who came seeking answers or at least civil debate:

Hey everyone, LOOK OVER THERE! It’s that new drug-resistant pathogen that’s more contagious than ebola that just might kill us all…

H/T: Mamamia, Twitter, Facebook