Olympian Adam Rippon’s Childhood Spelling Bee Fail Story Is An Instant Classic 😂

Olympian Adam Rippon may have a stellar skating career to be proud of but that hasn’t stopped him from thinking back to one of his biggest failures.

In a moment of reflection, the Olympic skater took to Twitter with a glimpse back in time to the earlier years of his life. He took everybody back to a first grade spelling bee that, thankfully, didn’t define his course in life.

In the tweet, Rippon revealed that, at a young age, he had no issues spelling the word “pink.” Yet, when it came to removing one letter from the color two minutes later, he found himself stumped.

He didn’t say how he misspelled “ink” but we have to assume there was a “q” in there somewhere.

Somebody did point out the irony that “ink” was the word he slipped up on.

After Rippon revealed what was likely his most embarrassing first grade moment, others stepped in to prove that he wasn’t alone in his spelling slip-up. 

One Twitter user said that she had a brilliant mind but something simple and everyday was her downfall.

Names can be hard. This first grader didn’t realize his spelling bee word was in his name.

Or this one, which…there is really not much to say about it.

There are a few that we can totally understand if we recall our earlier years of schooling.

When we’re younger, we don’t realize how memorable losing a spelling bee can be.

Then, like Rippon, we’re sitting in our silence one day and it hits us, forever changing our outlook on life. Though Rippon may feel like he’s on his own, if Twitter can assure him of anything, it’s that there are a lot of spelling slip-ups out there!

H/T: Twitter