We Almost Lost Another Fan-Favorite From ‘The Walking Dead’ Along With Andrew Lincoln ????

You can bet there was almost a riot. No, it had nothing to do with Trump or race relations in the United States; but in an interview with EW Radio, The Walking Dead star Norman Reedus revealed that he and Andrew Lincoln had a pact that if one left, the other would follow.

At San Diego Comic-Con, Lincoln confirmed rumors that he would be leaving The Walking Dead, which, for fans who remembered the duo’s pact, gave some fans a heart attack. “We’re like, ‘If you leave, I leave. Right?” Reedus recalled their conversation from around the third or fourth season of the show.

So when Lincoln departed, he sat down next to Reedus and jokingly recalled their pact. When asked if season nine would be the end for Reedus’ Daryl Dixon as well, Reedus answered with a direct, “Oh, hell no.”

Lincoln and Reedus are known for their brotherly relationship, forged over their nine seasons working together. After revealing that he wouldn’t in fact be leaving the show, Reedus’s interview took an emotional turn as he spoke about working with the show’s lead.

“He was the first person I saw in the morning. As soon as we wrapped, he immediately called me in the car. We speak all the time,” he said of their close bond. “We spent every lunch break in my trailer. We shared a trailer for forever.” 

Reedus recalls hearing the news of Lincoln’s departure for the first time and says he wasn’t entirely shocked. “He’s got two beautiful children, a beautiful wife. His whole family’s awesome, and you can’t be mad at him for going.”

But that doesn’t make the departure any easier on Reedus. Or easier on Lincoln’s fans, for that matter. “I’m going to miss the hell out of him.” 

Rumors of Lincoln’s departure started to surface in the weeks leading up to the 2018 Comic Con. He’s expected to only appear in half of season nine, but after that, there’s no word as to who will step up, as Lincoln’s character held the show together.

Reedus had been reportedly offered a huge pay increase to take over as the show’s lead, but there has been no word as to whether or not that’s the direction the show will take. 

The Walking Dead season nine is slated to air on October 7. 

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