New ‘Unfollow Me’ Campaign Has Women Sharing Their Stories Of Being Stalked For An Important Reason

Online journal Broadly started a campaign called “Unfollow Me” to bring awareness to the perils of stalking. A report titled “49 British Women Were Killed By Men They Previously Reported To Police” points out the dangers for women even after they report their stalker. 

In the essay “After My Ex Stalked Me Online, I Saw The Dark Side Of Romantic Obsession” Nana Baah writes:

Thanks to a childhood spent watching romantic comedies with forceful male leads, I thought love was persistent and never gave up—until my ex stalked me after our breakup. 

Broadly’s editor, Zing Tsjeng, took to Twitter to spread the message. 

They also shared a video of Alice Ruggles, whose ex killed her even after she had reported him to the police—twice. 

People began to open up and share their stories using the hashtag #unfollowme. 

It’s not just women who are victims of stalking.

We hope the campaign brings renewed attention to the seriousness of stalking. 

H/T: Indy100, Broadly