Defending Tour De France Champion Gets Tackled Off His Bike By A Police Officer Who Mistook Him For A Fan ????

It’s hard to tell who is having the worst day in this story. The cop that tackled the Tour de France champion or the Tour de France champion that apparently looks more like a fan than a professional cyclist.

After reaching stage 17 of the Tour de France, reigning champion Chris Froome was knocked off of his bicycle by a police officer. The reason? He was mistaken for a spectator that appeared to have entered the race.

The officer was caught on video grabbing hold of Froome and halting his race. When the four-time champion eventually convinced the officer that he was somebody just a little famous, he was let off with an apology.

Froome had a few choice words for the cop, however.

This wasn’t the first incident for the unlucky Froome. Just days prior during stage 16, police used tear gas against protesters.

The wind took the tear gas to the racers, forcing the 2018 Tour de France to temporarily halt. Among those inadvertently sprayed? 

Granted, he wasn’t the only one affected by it, but he was the only one to then be pulled from his bicycle.

One fan pointed out what a rough go Froome has had dealing with fans during the race.

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