John Krasinski Talks About Losing The Role Of Captain America To Chris Evans

As an actor in Hollywood,  John Krasinski knows you can’t win them all, and sometimes that’s a good thing. Krasinski opened up in an interview with Variety about losing out on the part of Captain America to fellow actor Chris Evans.

Krasinski says he learned about the missed opportunity on his wife, Emily Blunt’s, birthday.

My agent called and said, ‘They’re going to go with Chris Evans  and I remember I said, ‘Yeah, look at him. He’s Captain America.’  

When Blunt suggested cancelling dinner, Krasinski balked at the idea, saying:

It’s Chris Evans. Of course we’re going to dinner. 

The ease with which Krasinski was able to walk away from the part may have stemmed from a run in with Chris Hemsworth who portrays Thor. Krasinski told the story to Conan O’Brien saying:

When they asked me to test they actually allowed me to put on the suit. I was on a set, it was all very interesting.  The only bummer of it was I was putting on the suit, just watching it like ‘This is so amazing,’ and I got to right about my waist, I was still shirtless, feeling pretty good about myself. I wasn’t ’13 Hours’ yet but I felt pretty good and all of a sudden Chris Hemsworth walks by as Thor and he’s like ‘Hey mate,’ and I went ‘I’m good. This is stupid. I shouldn’t. It’s okay, I’m not Captain America. It’s fine. 

Fans had other suggestions for Krasinski.

Of course there is this way to look at it. 

Some folks are still holding out wishing it to be true. 

With his new film A Quiet Place and the upcoming Amazon series Jack Ryan, Krasinski  must be plenty busy.

H/T: Insider, Business Insider