Man Kept Getting Random Newspapers Delivered To His House—And The Culprit Turned Out To Be A Bit Of A Shock

Some things are simply too bizarre to believe, as Facebook user James Eubanks discovered recently. Eubanks thought perhaps he had some hooligans in his neighborhood who were stealing newspapers from around the block and dumping them on his lawn.

To catch the delinquents and put and end to the paper shenanigans, Eubanks set up a video camera. He was not prepared to see what these foxy criminals had been up to. 

Even though the foxes have been busted, it hasn’t slowed them down. 

Eubanks seems to be taking his newfound fame in stride. 

There were plenty of Fox News jokes to go around. 

When they start taking televisions, then we’ll worry. 

H/T: The Dodo, Winston-Salem Journal