Owner’s Recording Of His Dog Staring At Him Every Morning Has Gone Viral And Dog Owners Can Relate

Gohan the Husky, might just be the most famous husky around with his own YouTube channel, an Instagram account, a clothing line and his own Facebook page

But he still has to wait for his owner to go outside every morning. 

Yes, Gohan has over one million YouTube subscribers and multiple videos with over 6 million views each, but that still hasn’t bought him opposable thumbs. 

And without opposable thumbs, he will never be able to open his own door. 

So what is a dog to do? 


Stare long and hard until he is able to guilt his owner into letting him outside.

Gohan’s owner recently shared a video of what the daily staring looks like.

Although the rest of us don’t know what it’s like to live with such a celebrity, we do relate to how it feels to be stared at.

Stared at intensely. 

People could certainly relate. 

One commenter noted a certain resemblance to the woman that tried to get them out of bed for school for 12 years.

One commenter shared that the stare technique crosses the canine – feline divide.

But if you think staring is all Gohan does, think again! He also eats fruit. 

And takes an IQ test. 

He even celebrates his birthday.

And takes a bath.

One could literally waste hours on the internet watching Gohan the Husky do things, like walk, eat and sleep. (Please don’t ask this writer how she knows that.)  

H/T: Laughing Squid