Papa John Is Officially Suing Papa John’s–Because That’s Not Confusing At All

It’s a classic fall from grace story. Papa John, once the proud chairman of the pizza delivery chain of the same name, has been forced to sue his once beloved restaurant. 

In a strange twist John Schnatter, the man who once stood behind the Papa John’s brand, has filed a lawsuit against the chain for denying him access to company documents relating to the new CEO, Steve Ritchie.

Schnatter stepped down after allegations that he had used a racist slur during a company call. According to Forbes, the comment had to do with Colonel Sanders and his use of the n-word.

The lawsuit was filed in a Delaware court and Schnatter’s attorneys have stated that they are “seeking to inspect Company documents because of the unexplained and heavy-handed way in which the Company has treated him since the publication of a story that falsely accused him of using a racial slur.”

Since Ritchie took over as CEO, Schnatter has been vocal about his beliefs that the former minimum wage employee is not the right fit for Papa John’s. “Steve Ritchie would be a great executive for another company. I just don’t think he’s the right fit for Papa John’s at this time,” the former CEO stated, adding that he brought his concerns to the board.

Schnatter’s list of controversies doesn’t stop with the alleged use of a racial slur. When players of the National Football League came under fire for not standing during the national anthem in November, Schnatter criticized the movement, claiming the protests have hurt Papa John’s business.

According to Schnatter, it’s not just the NFL that’s hurting the pizzaria. “In my view, things are getting worse, not better,” he said in reference to Ritchie’s leadership. “That is why the board needs to take action and shareholders may need to take action in regards to the board.”

Schnatter may have real concerns for the future of Papa John’s — or the future of his paycheck — but social media spectators are finding humor in the situation.

Now here’s an idea some people may be able to get behind, especially pizza enthusiasts.

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